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  Aug. 2007 ~ Dec. 2007 Upgrading Customer Segmentation & Targeting
(Telecom Co.)
  Aug. 2007 ~ Nov. 2007 Desire Segmentation & Marketing Planning (Telecom Co.)
  May 2007 ~ Sep. 2007 CRM Modeling focused on Customer Lifecycle
(Mobile Telecom Co.)
  Apr. 2007 ~ Dec. 2007 CRM Model Maintenance (Mobile Telecom Co.)
  Jan. 2007 ~ May 2007 Establishment of Marketing Program based on Customer
Analysis (Telecom Co.)
  July.2006 ~ Dec.2006 CRM Program Development & Optimization (Telecom Co.)
  Feb. 2006 ~ June.2006 CRM Program Development & Operation (Telecom Co.)
  Dec. 2005 ~ Apr. 2006 Analysis based CRM Enforcement_Core Benefit Segmentation
focused (Mobile Telecom Co.)
  Sep. 2005 ~ Oct. 2005   Customer Center Efficiency Analysis (Internet Media Co.)
  May 2005 ~ Aug. 2005   Customer Segmentation & Profiling for CRM Establishment
(Telecom Co.)
  Sep. 2004 ~ Nov. 2004   Efficiency Program Set-up for Customer Contact Center
(Internet Media Co.)
  May 2004 ~ Aug. 2004   Marketing Planning for Revenue-up Objectives in Mobile
Internet Business Part (Mobile Telecom Co.)
  Nov. 2003 ~ Apr. 2004   Establishment of Marketing Programs through Differentiated
Strategy, incld. One to One Offer Mapping Logic, etc.
(Mobile Telecom Co.)
  Jan. 2003. ~ May 2003   Customer Retention Modeling (Mobile Telecom Co.)
  Aug. 2002 ~ Dec. 2002   Marketing Strategy Formulation for Mobile Internet
Revitalization (Mobile Telecom Co.)
  Apr. 2002 ~ Jun. 2002   M-project Business Feasibility Consulting (Telecom Co.)
  Feb. 2002. ~ Aug. 2002   Marketing Strategy Formulation based on Behavioral
Segmentation (Mobile Telecom Co.)
  Sep. 2001 ~ Dec. 2001   New Product Launching Strategy Set-up based on
Telecommunication Needs of Users (Telecom Co.)

Oct. 2006 - Made a speech on ‘Profiting from Unique Market Segmentation and Developing
Innovative Price Plan Tool’ at ‘Telecom Customer Segmentation Conference’ held in
May. 2006 - Made a speech on ‘Segment-based Planning & One-to-One Marketing’ at
‘Mobile Pricing Conference’ held in London.
Sep. 2004 - Made a speech on ‘Behavioral Segment-based Pricing’ at ‘Mobile Pricing
Conference’ held in London.