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  'Dynamic one to one Price Plan Optimizer¡¯, packaged application, provides not only optimized price plan (tariff) with persuasive enticement factors for each customer, but also strategic directions to utilize the price plan for marketing.
Core concepts of the ¡®Price Plan Optimizer¡¯ are planning, optimizing and one to one marketing


Pricing must to be planned and developed based on customer behavior.
Price plan with persuasive enticement factors is optimized and personalized for each customer by optimizing price plan logic & engine.
Performing one-to-one marketing utilizing personalized enticement factors.

The solution of ¡®DPPO¡¯ is a concentration of our knowledge and consulting experience in mobile industry.
It has shown eye-opening result in Korean mobile telecommunication company¡¯s marketing activity for ARPU-up and retention.
¡®DPPO¡¯, which is generated from complicated and diverse price plans of Korea and worldwide mobile companies, can be applied to any circumstances.